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Private Client

We are a highly focused team with the ability to deliver a tailored service to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our independence means that we are flexible in our approach but nimble enough to meet ongoing compliance and regulatory changes.

Whether you are a high net-worth individual or an entrepreneur, we can assist with the establishment and on-going management of structures that protect and enhance your wealth.


Since its introduction in 2009, the Jersey foundation continues to play a vital role in Jersey’s overall wealth management armoury.

Foundations are flexible vehicles that can be created for charitable or non-charitable purposes, or a mixture of both. They offer infinite duration and capacity, as well as allowing transparent registration with the regulator. They also offer the flexible composition of a council of members and further safeguards through an appointed guardian, which ensures the council members pursue the foundation’s stated aims.

At Valla we can establish and administer Jersey foundations, as well as act as the Qualified Member, as defined under the Foundations (Jersey) Law 2009.


Jersey is one of the world’s leading jurisdictions for trusts. In fact, it’s one of the few International Finance Centres to regulate trust and corporate services providers, with its clear and comprehensive trust law having been introduced more than 30 years ago.

Families can establish various types of trust in Jersey, such as interest in possession trusts, accumulation and maintenance trusts, fully discretionary trusts, reserved power trusts, revocable trusts, and charitable and non-charitable purpose trusts. Commercial trusts are often established to hold special purpose vehicles, which are then ready for use in financial or other commercial structures, such as holding assets off balance sheet, employee incentive schemes, and asset securitisation.

At Valla, as well as providing the more traditional succession planning solutions, we can assist clients with dispute resolution and other contentious trust issues.

Private Trust Company (‘PTC’)

We can also offer our clients the option to form a PTC, a company which is incorporated and administered by a regulated Jersey financial service provider like Valla, with a purpose to act as a trustee of one or more family trusts.

The benefits that a PTC can provide include allowing the family members a degree of influence over the affairs of the trust and increasing the speed of family decision making. These can be particularly important when managing asset classes that are family run businesses.

Valla can assist with both the establishment and ongoing administration of a PTC and the trusts to which it will be appointed as trustee, as well as managing the overlying purpose trust or foundation which may be required as part of the structuring.

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  • Private Trust Companies (PTCs)

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